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New Sad Tax Video "The Sun Is A Horrible Thing"

With my better half out on business for a couple weeks I figured it was a good time to do an annoying project in the house that I could start and finish in a few days. My latest Sad Tax album has been getting a really positive response from people so I got busy on making a Sad Tax video. This song "The sun is a horrible thing" might not be a catchy pop song but it had the right texture for what I had in mind and I like anthropomorphizing landscapes. Making the video involved quickly shooting and editing a lip-syncing video then arranging each frame of the video into a couple dozen contact sheets, then printing each of them out, then mangling and altering them, spraying them with water and carefully scanning them in and re-animating it. This is what that looks like.

Hawaiian Christmas

Every Year I make a Christmas song and video from scratch in the last few days before Christmas day. I've become quite taken with writing Christmas songs as the genre fits beautifully into my quest to write the saddest song in the history of the world. No other yearly event has so much built in, intense expectation for happiness and familial joy that it's impossible to examine it without coming across infinite opportunities for disappointment and sorrow. Literally any sad topic or event can be made immensely more tragic by having it take place at Christmas time. So this years song is about Alzheimers. I came up with the concept while on vacation in Hawaii making it a Christmas song that takes place in Hawaii adds an extra layer of absurdity to the mix as everything about Hawaii is absurd. The video is basically my vacation footage chopped up to a beat, nothing too fancy. The song (which you can download here) features my wonderful girlfriend Michelle singing in duet and playing piano, she shows up in a few shots in the video as well. Anyway, here it is, enjoy!