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Patrick Thomas Canning

Patrick is an artist, musician and filmmaker who currently lives and works in St. John's, Newfoundland. Raised on a sleepy sheep farm on the west coast of the province, he developed his life long passion for the arts in the natural beauty and isolation of his home near the woods.  

Patrick received his BFA (Visual Arts) from Sir Wilfred Grenfell College in 2001. He moved to St. John's in 2003 and quickly fell in love with the town, becoming completely taken with the music community. Over the next few years, he would get a few bands on the go, pump out a couple of albums a year and start a local music blog. As a musician, he has amassed a small but kind group of supporters.

He got the filmmaking bug creating music videos on his girlfriend's terrible point-and-shoot camera. His longest work to date is a 48-minute experimental film called SUPERGOD!

If you are a smart and savvy creative type (or a person in need of a creative type) and smartly want to hire him to do things for you, contact him at