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I have 21 albums I've written and recorded over the last few years. These are a few of the better ones. You can buy, listen to or download all of them from my Bandcamp page, if it so meets your fancy. Click on the album cover image to play

Rendered Pelican Mascara

by Paper Skull

Made for the 2019 RPM Challenge

My 11th RPM Challenge album this is a collaboration between me and the crazy talented Steve Abbott. This one heavier with wilder guitar freakouts than my usual RPM challenge albums. Almost no acoustic instruments except for my voice, some dark groovy grooves and aggressive breakdowns. It was a lot of fun making this one.

Ritual Potluck Murder

by Sad Tax

Made for the 2018 RPM Challenge

This is my tenth RPM Challenge album and it was probably the smoothest going challenge album yet. I guess after 10 of these I've gotten my workflow and pacing down pretty good. If there was going to be a Sad Tax album I single out for being a "typical" Sad Tax album it would be this one, but the consensus from my friends seems to be that this is a major departure for me. I don't know, you be the judge, listen to all my albums and tell me if you think this one is weird.

Radical Pastel Miracles

by Sad Tax

Made for the 2017 RPM Challenge

This Sad Tax album is more political than most anything else I've made since it was made just a month into the Trump inauguration. There is a bit of a German electro cabaret feel to some of the songs, but it's the usual Sad Tax experience. My voice was behaving itself much better this February than most.

River Post Motion

by no culture

Made for the 2016 RPM Challenge

This album is a collaboration between myself and the inimitable AE Bridger under the new moniker NO CULTURE. A very organically produced and fairly experimental collection of tunes, running in all sorts of weird directions. Heavy on sorrow and loss.

Rabbit Parallel Miracles

by Sad Tax

Made for the 2015 RPM Challenge

this album was written, recorded, mixed and mastered from start to finish in the month of February.

This years Sad Tax album was a bit of a struggle but ultimately it flows really well together and I think it's one of my best RPM albums so far. A lot of songs about forgiveness and agoraphobia.

Rag Pilot Mayfly

by Sad Tax

Made for the 2014 RPM Challenge 

 This one goes pretty far into the "hard listening" category, but it's rewarding if you stick with it. I was all about ebows and midi controllers on this one, but each RPM album I do has a couple new toys I get to highlight.

Rare Platinum Minnow

by Sad Tax

Created for the 2013 RPM Challenge, my fifth RPM Challenge album and my fifteenth album overall. I think it's my best RPM album; it's one of my most sombre albums and I think I'm making good progress with my drum programming(!)

Red Pearl Mountain

by Sad Tax

Part of the 2012 RPM Challenge. The first Sad Tax album! 

Steve Haley of 365DaysofAlbums says:

“Red Pearl Mountain” is a pleasure to listen to. Kicking things off with the organ driven anthem “Everybody’s gonna have fun,” the album quickly shifts directions to snippets of what sound like streets and traffic, and on to instrumental soundscapes. I also have to mention that no one titles a song like Pat, with “The beach smells like obscenity” and “A young virginal captain’s boy has an unsavory journey” being just a couple of examples. Comparable to no one, Mr. Canning has delivered another magnificent piece of musical art."


Let's Celebrate With Blood

by Patrick Canning & The Suffering Mothers

Let’s Celebrate With Blood is a complex and sprawling work filled with songs about ghosts, illness, murder, car crashes, BDSM, disfigurement, funerals, and familial love. 

Jeff McAllister from Greyowl Point writes:

“After an eternity in the music industry, you’re bound to discover what works and what doesn’t. But, rather than limit himself to a couple tricks, Canning mashes everything up into a musical gumbo. His intoxicating gloom may be his best-seller, but Canning’s tethered a whole lot more bootstraps. And (bloodied and bruised and embedded with gravel) they’ve been distorted to fit perfectly within his robust and intolerable parade. Let’s Celebrate with Blood is an opus that requires a couple listens, a bit of wincing, and most importantly, a lot of thought. It’s a loveletter to eclecticism, signed in indelible ink, and hard to shrug off. And, if that wasn’t promising enough, it’s a brilliant piece of composition to boot.”

Sex Lives of the Paralyzed

by Patrick Canning

Probably still my best album. A testament to depression, sexual frustration, obsession, mortality, and a bunch of heady and ridiculous nonsense. Compared to my previous albums, it's got a more consistent and engaging sound. And it has some of my strongest material that I still play to this day.    

SUPERGOD!!!!!! The Movie Soundtrack: Rainbows, Piss & Meat

by SUPERGOD!!!!!!

Made for the 2011 RPM challenge, this is the sixth album to use the SUPERGOD! moniker. This album is the soundtrack to my short feature movie release "SUPERGOD! The Motion Picture", which is available for sale on DVD. You can also watch it online.

Rabid Peripheral Mermaid


Made for the 2009 RPM challenge, this is the fourth album to use the SUPERGOD! moniker. It is a bit brighter and more accessible then most of the other SUPERGOD! releases, but still a heavy bit of impenetrable experimental nonsense. Definitely my favourite SUPERGOD! album, although Rainbows, Piss and Meat is probably technically the best.

The Pervert

by Patrick Canning

'THE PERVERT" is an epic recording - bloated and indulgent to the extreme! 17 tracks of total nonsense, 80 minutes of music about murderers, orphans, fugitives, prisoners, lunatics, arsonists, politicians, and perverts. It's more me then you can handle, and I'm willing to bet that's true. 

From The Scope, Dec 2007:  

Working at a call centre for 11 months may make you detest humanity, but it doesn't mean you can't turn that around and make a quirky, fascinating, at times even powerful album of 80 minutes long at the same time. He works with a broad palette of instruments and swoops easily from traditional-sounding tunes to high-experimentation. With The Pervert, Canning has poured himself into a clear glass—the outcome may not go down easy, but it definitely gives you a healthy serving of food for thought. EL

Happy Seasons

by Patrick Canning

Every year I write and record a Christmas song and then film and edit a video in just two days. The songs are usually completely amoral. There are only four songs so far but there will be more. Merry Christmas.