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Occasionally people like my work enough that they get me to make stuff for them. Here are some recent examples. If you would like me to work on something for you, just shoot me an email at

Music video I made for the band Property

Album cover for Cicerone's debut album " Caterpillar Diesel "

Album cover for Cicerone's debut album "Caterpillar Diesel"

Burning Hell poster 2018 world tour web version 2.jpg

Poster I made for The Burning Hell's 2018 world tour.

Music video I made for local Spanish language band Lo Siento.

St. John's monthly arts and whatnot magazine The Overcast got me to design the cover for their November issue on carbon pricing, so I stippled up a storm and came up with this.

Local loud boys Werewoman hooked me into making the album art for the vinyl release of their album "Youth;Slipt". They gave me total freedom to do whatever I wanted and this is what I wanted to do.

Amazing singer/songwriter/studio genius Jake Nicoll got me to make a trippy video for his double album Half of Nothing/Two Things and I chose the song "My Friends" because it's utterly gorgeous and made this soupy dream sequence to it.

Award winning, up and coming classical guitar wunderkind Steve Cowan asked me to design the album art for his ambitious debut album "pour guitare". It was a big old 8 panel fold out design and took a good bit of back and forth finagling to get everything right but I think it turned out pretty stellar.    

Here's the album art for the new self titled album from Run to The Rocks, a fantastic new band in town. I'd been wanting to do a large project with pencil crayons for awhile so I took this project as a chance to try them out. It's a really great album and people should give it a listen.

Definitely the album cover I'm most proud of to date. "The Libel Belt" by MONSTERBATOR a truly awesome album by my favourite band, I wanted to make sure that that front cover had a bit of the immediate viseral impact that I felt in the music, so high contrast red, white and black (like a stop sign) it had to be. My first 12 inch vinyl!

Up and coming St. John's electronic act Header commissioned a music video from me for their excellent new ep "MD5". While brainstorming ideas for it we came upon the idea of making miniature landscape models and add bugs and things to them. While I watched him play a live set awhile later I knew I needed to bring in the crazy flashing colours. So the project turned into transparent or translucent landscapes and I went and found some talented worms in the front garden (no worms were harmed in the filming of this video fyi) and thus a star (worm) was born. 

I had the bitter-sweet honour of being asked to draw the cover for the final issue of The Scope magazine (Dec/Jan 2013). I've worked for them on and off for the last four years, and it hurt my heart to hear that they were calling it quits. The Scope is easily the best publication the city has ever produced. They've done so much for the arts community and downtown St. John's that I won't even bother attempting to summarize it.

This is the other cover I drew for The Scope back in December 2012. It turned out to be a pretty popular cover, I think. I was weird seeing my drawing on every street corner, coffee shop and grocery store in St. John's. 

Talented St. John's filmmaker Jackie Hynes commissioned me to create an original score for her short film The Passenger. The film premièred at the Atlantic Film Festival (Halifax) and closed out the 2013 St. John's International Women's Film Festival. The film received the 2012 RBC Michelle Jackson Emerging Filmmaker Award. It was a real treat to work on this and to experience it with a massive sold out crowd at the St. John's Arts and Culture Centre.

In the last couple days of my 2012 St. John's Christmas vacation, Mathias Kom of The Burning Hell asked if I would do a video for his upcoming album People. I said, "Of course I would, because The Burning Hell are friggin' amazing." I'd been wanting to experiment with an effect called Slitscan, which involves slicing the screen up into hundreds of little slits and progressively staggering the start times so that time is viewed as a gradient instead of a solid. On the day before I took off, I got the three members of The Burning Hell that were left in town and took them up behind Signal Hill where you get a great view of the Fjords. It was cold as Hades. I think the end result turned into a quietly psychedelic little piece.

Incredibly talented St. John's expats, current Montrealers People on Pause got me to film a music video for a beautiful song called "Rosebush". I filmed the band against projected animations provided by the artist Simon Barbarie. I love this song, and I wanted the video to have a comparably woozy technicolour nightmare quality to it. 

Award-winning classical guitarist Steve Cowan commissioned me to make a music video for his band Surgeon's amazing album Fjords. I chose a song called "Sanaac" that seemed appropriately cinematic, and took the opportunity to try out every idea I had rolling around in my head. This bit of ridiculous madness happened as a result and I hope Surgeon can forgive me.

This is the album cover I made for feelin' so city, the latest album from my good friend Justin Mahoney's band northamorica. They specifically asked for something really minimal (which is not how I usually roll). This is as minimal as I could bring myself to make something. I think it works pretty well, and I would encourage everyone to buy the physical CD (which you can get here). That way you see my awesome back cover and interiors, and get a kick ass punch-you-in-the-balls rock album.

I created the album cover for Ouroboros, an inventive concept album by Tyler Lovell's recording project Vicar. The album is designed to be a single song split into 45 bits and played on random shuffle, so it's always a different experience every time you listen to it. To make the cover, I tried to invent a type of incursive drawing technique that can only be really experienced through video. It was meant to emulate a fractal zoom. So without being asked I created a music video for it. I expanded this technique out for a 7 minute sequence in my short feature SUPERGOD! a year later.